Minakami (1 hour from Tokyo) is the best whitewater rafting.


In spring (May- June) the mighty Tone River is in full flow, providing over 12kms of grade 4 white water on the half day course and 25kms+ on the full day course.  Minakami has Japans best whitewater rafting, grade 4 white water. You can also enjoy majestic scenery with the cherry trees in full bloom and snow capped mountains in the background.

In the summer the river flows drop to a more placid grade 2, which is perfect for first time rafters or those that want a more gentle nature experience. If you are up for more thrills in the summer season we recommend trying the minakami canyoning in Minakami.

Attraction of Minakami Rafting Spot

If you are planning to rafting travel in Japan, please come to Minakami (1 hour by Shinkansen from Tokyo). You can experience the torrent of the Tone River, which is one of the best in the world. Especially the early spring season is recommended. It’s close to Tokyo and you can enjoy it on a day trip.

Minakami is Japan’s largest outdoor city. Besides rafting, you can enjoy canyoning, canoeing and sap.
If you haven’t tried canyoning yet, Japan is an amazing location to get into this adventure sport; crystal clear water, native forests, amazing views at every turn, and world class canyons. We have bases close to TokyoMinakami.

Welcome to Japan. Japan has wonderful nature in each season. Why don’t you have a wonderful experience through the outdoors in Minakami Town? Minakami is a wonderful destination full of nature. It is close to Tokyo and has hot springs so you can enjoy the great experiences.


How to go to Minakami (Gunma Prefecture)

From Tokyo Station, take the Joetsu Shinkansen to Jomo Kogen Station. Pick-up service is available from Jomo Kogen Station. One way 5,820 yen for a reserved seat in a regular car.

Train Timetable(Go to Minakami)
Tokyo Station ( 6:36AM ) → Jomo Kogen Station(7:52AM) TANIGAWA401
Tokyo Station ( 7:48AM ) → Jomo Kogen Station(8:53AM) TOKI305
Tokyo Station ( 8:04AM ) → Jomo Kogen Station(9:20AM) TANIGAWA403
Tokyo Station ( 8:52AM ) → Jomo Kogen Station(10:05AM)TOKI309
Tokyo Station ( 10:16AM ) → Jomo Kogen Station(11:21AM) TOKI315

Train Timetable(Back to Tokyo)
Jomo Kogen Station(16:15PM ) → Tokyo Station(17:28PM)TANIGAWA412
Jomo Kogen Station(17:27PM ) → Tokyo Station(18:40PM)TOKI334
Jomo Kogen Station(18:23PM ) → Tokyo Station(19:36PM)TOKI338
Jomo Kogen Station(18:42PM ) → Tokyo Station(19:52PM)TOKI340

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Water Tourism Association